Why and How to Take a Home Inventory for Home Insurance

Home insurance provides coverage for the contents of your home as well as the structure itself. If you need to claim personal belongings, the insurance company will need to know information about each item in your claim. At Storey Insurance in Seantobia, MS, we recommend making a home inventory as soon as possible. 

Why a Home Inventory? 

Your insurance company will require you to provide information about the items in your claim, including any type of proof you have of your belongings and their value. It can be difficult to get this information after a loss. If items are stolen or damaged, you will likely struggle to remember them all. Serial numbers and other valuable information may not be available when you make your claim. A home inventory also allows you to calculate the value of the items in your home to determine if you have enough coverage. 

How to Make a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory can seem overwhelming. It is easiest to start with a video or photo of your valuable items. Work your way from one room to the next, and be sure that any identifiable information like serial numbers are visible. This also gives a record of the condition your valuables are in. 

Next, you’ll need to make a formal list. Some apps can help you create a home inventory. You may also choose to create a word document or write it down on paper. 

Your inventory should include all the following information you can gather:

  • Description of item
  • Make, model, or serial number.
  • When and where the item was purchased
  • Cost and/or appraisal value at the time of purchase
  • Latest appraisal value if applicable

Home Insurance with Storey Insurance

If you own a home in Seantobia, MS, contact us at Storey Insurance. We can help you select the right coverage for your needs and offer more advice on creating a home inventory.