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Motor Home Insurance in Mississippi and Tennessee

Motorhome insurance is an insurance that covers everything inside and outside a motorhome, a recreational vehicle (RV), or motor caravan. Everything in the motorhome is covered, including personal belongings, gas bottles, and sunshades. The insurance coverage is a requirement for all RV owners in Tennessee and Mississippi. A motorhome is a significant purchase — and, while it might be a simple set up of wheels, it is covered explicitly by motorhome insurance.

Why You Should Purchase Motorhome Insurance

A motorhome is a considerable investment as it contains all your personal belongings. Also, the vehicles can cause significant damage, significant injuries to property, and other vehicles while on the road. You need the insurance to pay for these damages when an accident occurs.

Factors that Determine Motorhome insurance

  1. Class your vehicle
  2. Frequency of use

There are three vehicle classes that insurance companies consider when selling motorhome insurance.

  • Class A: These are vehicles that have a length of up to 75 feet long. They include motor coaches, luxury coaches, and converted buses.
  • Class B: These are smaller recreational vehicles that have no cab-over. They include camper vans, cargo vans, and travel trailers.
  • Class C: In this group, the vehicles covered are the ones with a cargo van acting as the driving section of the motorhome with the camper portion extending to the cab area. Most cars in this class have five wheels.

We've got you covered:

At Storey Insurance, we provide insurance that has features of a home and a vehicle. You'll want to make sure you have coverage from all angles. Storey Insurance of Senatobia, MS is a market leader in motorhome insurance policies. We will protect your property and your guests with quality coverage.

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