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Condo Insurance in Mississippi and Tennessee

Condos in Mississippi and Tennessee offer conveniences that homes may not. However, you do need to protect your investment, just like you would your home. Condos have some unique requirements when it comes to insurance, primarily because the condo association does have its own coverage. This doesn’t mean that you should go without insurance. You are still financially responsible for any belongings you keep in the condo and improvements you make, such as upgraded cabinets.

The master policy held by the association will be unique to each condo, and it will insure certain things. There will usually be coverage to the damage of the structure of your condo and the roof. There will be coverage for the common areas as well, including parking lots, landscaping, and additional buildings, such as a workout facility. There will also be some liability coverage for accidents that occur in those common areas. It may or may not cover any interior walls, appliances, or windows.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover in Tennessee and Mississippi?

Your condo insurance will cover your liability along with your personal property. Accidents that occur in your condo that cause injury to a guest will be handled. It also covers any alterations, improvements, or additions you make to your specific unit that you are responsible for based on the condo association agreement. Speak with an agent at Storey Insurance to determine what your condo association covers so you can make sure that you are protected for what you need.

There are optional coverage options you can get in Tennessee and Mississippi. Loss assessment coverage is available to help protect you from specific assessments that are levied by the association. There are various limits of coverage available, so you need to know your agreement to determine the potential for any assessments. You can select medical payments coverage, as well. This coverage pays for a portion of the medical expenses for visitors injured at your condo, regardless of who is at fault. You can also include additional living expenses should you need to live somewhere else while your condo is being repaired after a covered loss.

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