How can home insurance protect me?

Anytime you purchase a home, it is an exhilarating occasion. While owning a property is a major accomplishment and could be a great investment for your future, many important considerations need to be made. One important choice will come when you pick a home insurance plan. Your insurance policy will protect you in many ways, which makes it a great choice.

Protection for Asset

One of the main ways your home insurance plan can protect you is by giving you coverage for your assets. A home insurance plan will give you the needed coverage to repair or even replace your home if it is seriously damaged. This form of insurance will also give coverage that you need for your personal assets if they are stolen or otherwise damaged. 

Liability Coverage

Another reason you should get a home insurance plan is to protect against the risk of liability. A property owner will take on liability risk regularly. If you have a guest over that is hurt, you could be responsible and held liable. If this occurs, you will need to pay for damages. Fortunately, you will be able to mitigate this risk by getting a proper home insurance plan, as it will include a provision for liability insurance. 

If you are interested in getting a new home insurance plan and are in the Seantobia, MS area, you should call Storey Insurance. The Storey Insurance team is dedicated to helping customers pick the right insurance plan that meets their needs. They can help you do this by carefully assessing your situation and discussing the options with you. Contact our office to get a quote and learn more.

Why and How to Take a Home Inventory for Home Insurance

Home insurance provides coverage for the contents of your home as well as the structure itself. If you need to claim personal belongings, the insurance company will need to know information about each item in your claim. At Storey Insurance in Seantobia, MS, we recommend making a home inventory as soon as possible. 

Why a Home Inventory? 

Your insurance company will require you to provide information about the items in your claim, including any type of proof you have of your belongings and their value. It can be difficult to get this information after a loss. If items are stolen or damaged, you will likely struggle to remember them all. Serial numbers and other valuable information may not be available when you make your claim. A home inventory also allows you to calculate the value of the items in your home to determine if you have enough coverage. 

How to Make a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory can seem overwhelming. It is easiest to start with a video or photo of your valuable items. Work your way from one room to the next, and be sure that any identifiable information like serial numbers are visible. This also gives a record of the condition your valuables are in. 

Next, you’ll need to make a formal list. Some apps can help you create a home inventory. You may also choose to create a word document or write it down on paper. 

Your inventory should include all the following information you can gather:

  • Description of item
  • Make, model, or serial number.
  • When and where the item was purchased
  • Cost and/or appraisal value at the time of purchase
  • Latest appraisal value if applicable

Home Insurance with Storey Insurance

If you own a home in Seantobia, MS, contact us at Storey Insurance. We can help you select the right coverage for your needs and offer more advice on creating a home inventory. 

Home Insurance Protects Your Biggest Asset

Having insurance on your home is generally required if you have a mortgage, but if your home’s paid for, you technically don’t have to insure it. Still, protecting your assets is very important, and one of the best ways you can do that is through a good home insurance policy. That way, you’ll have the type and level of coverage that’s right for your needs, and you’ll also have the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing your most prominent asset has the needed level of protection. If you’re in the Seantobia, MS area, let Storey Insurance help you with your coverage needs. We can answer your questions and make sure the policy you have is the right one for you.

Even once your mortgage is satisfied, keeping your home insured goes a long way toward protecting your present and your future. If you have a family, adequate insurance coverage can also help to protect them if something should happen to you. But don’t just assume the policy you’ve always had is the one you should be kept for the long term. You may have different needs now, and if anything about your home has changed, you’ll want to make sure those changes are reflected in the insurance policy you have. If they aren’t, you could find that you don’t like the right level of coverage.

By working with us at Storey Insurance, you can adequately cover your Seantobia, MS area home and feel comfortable with the home insurance policy you have for it. See us today, and we’ll work to help you find the right policy. We know insurance can be confusing, and that’s why we’re available to help when you have questions, or you need to make changes to your policy or your coverage levels. We’re dedicated to helping you protect your most important assets.

Figuring Out How Much Home Insurance You Need

One of the main misconceptions of home insurance in Seantobia, MS is how much you need. You don’t need coverage for the home’s market value. Instead, you should have enough to be able to put the same house on the land if there is a total loss. Being underinsured can mean you lose your home and one of your most significant investments in the event of a disaster. 

For your dwelling coverage, you should make sure that you have the replacement cost. This is the amount of money it takes to build a replica of your home. To calculate your replacement cost, you should have an idea of local construction costs. You can ask your agent at Storey Insurance to help you look up these costs. Some free online calculators can give you a replacement cost estimate. An expert independent agent can also give you an estimate. Different factors will affect your replacement cost in Seantobia, MS. If you have done any remodeling or have added structures or additional rooms, you need to keep this in mind. Also, pay attention to new building codes that were implemented after your home was initially built since this can also increase construction costs. 

In order to determine how much personal property coverage you need, do a home inventory. If you have more expensive items, you want to make sure that your insurance will cover these items. It can be easy to underestimate what you own, so it’s important to start making a list.

Many policies will come with a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage. You should have more if you can afford it since liability covers a lot of different accidents. Having certain breeds of dogs can also increase your liability risk.

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A Beginner’s Overview on Home Insurance

Buying a home is the first milestone purchase for an individual or couple looking to expand their horizon. Often, choices of this nature are based on the current state of your finances. However, once you begin the process of purchasing a home, there are certain things you need to know before moving forward. Let Storey Insurance in Seantobia, MS help you with your questions.

First, you must understand how important home insurance is to protect your new investment against damage and theft. Most mortgage companies require lendees to have some form of home insurance, and proof must be verified before the home goes through escrow. If not, then the transaction could be canceled or delayed. 

What Home Insurance Provides

A standard home insurance policy will cover all cost-related damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Homeowners will be compensated for all repairs done to the house from damage caused by fire, hail, lightning, and other disasters covered by the policy. However, any damage done by flooding, earthquakes, or poor maintenance isn’t covered by a standard home insurance policy. If you want protection from these types of disasters, then you need to have separate coverage for your home and other assets.

Liability Coverage is Important to Protect Yourself

Liability coverage is an essential item that must be included in a standard home insurance policy. It protects homeowners from being sued by others. Often, the lawsuit centers on gaining financial compensation for injuries sustained inside the home or caused by the homeowner or one of their family members. The compensation includes paying for all of the party’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, or lost wages due to their injuries. Also, a victim could seek some form of compensation if their personal property was damaged or broken during their stay at your home. 

Storey Insurance in Seantobia, MS prides itself on providing the latest information available on home insurance. Come in and speak with a staff member as they can personalize a home insurance policy that meets your needs.